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Silver’s Five Best-Kept Secrets

Why the White Metal Will Outperform Stocks, Bonds, and Even Gold
In the latest "Austin Report", you'll discover "Silver's Five Best-Kept Secrets" and why it is believed that Silver is the most overlooked and undervalued monetary asset on the planet. They show you why are convinced Silver prices are bound to rise… and why it is believed Silver will outperform Gold before the current world financial crisis finally ends.
Silver is "On-Sale" Today 
When you look at all the facts, you'll see why we believe Silver is "On-Sale" trading in the $13 range today. In 1980, the all-time high for Silver was $50. Adjusted for inflation, the last Silver high is over $128. At today's price of $13, you can see why we feel Silver is a downright bargain with plenty of headroom to multiply in value 2x, 5x, and maybe 10x today's price.
Short-term, as more and more people learn about Silver's Five Best-Kept Secrets, we feel prices can rise quickly right back to last year's high over $20 an ounce. But, the real opportunity is long-term. Take a peak at the secrets we expose in our exclusive Austin Report:
1. Disappearing Silver Supplies – The massive Government stockpiles of six billion ounces of Silver are gone, forever trapped in products or landfills.
2. Silver Rarer Than Gold – That's a shocker for sure, but it's a fact! When you compare the above-ground supplies of the two precious metals, Silver today is far rarer than Gold.
3. Shortages Hit World Mints Already – Last fall, investor demand overwhelmed limited Silver supplies creating severe Silver shortages for the U.S Mint and other world mints. When shortages developed premiums for Silver coins shot up quickly. We think that history is about to repeat itself later this year.
4. Demand Will Overwhelm Supply – The world now consumes about 1.5 ounces of Silver for every ounce of newly mined Silver. Once the above ground industrial stockpiles are completely gone, the price of Silver is bound to rise based on supply/demand factors alone.
Inside our exclusive Austin Report we'll explain how industrial uses for Silver have changed. While Silver was once used heavily in photography where it could be recycled, Silver today is used in industrial products like batteries, electronics, and appliances where the precious metal eventually goes to garbage dumps and it cannot be recovered.
Soaring Investor Demand Coming
The past year has been a wild and crazy time for investors fleeing the crashing stock markets, getting hurt by falling bond prices, and caught up in the real estate melt-down. As a result, all over the world, people are searching for alternative investments– places that are safe havens in the financial storm, in the face of government bailouts, and the massive creation of paper dollars by the Federal Reserve.
Many of us are looking to Gold and Silver to protect us against the years of inflation that we now face. If for no other reason than the ever growing investor demand for physical Silver Coins, we remain convinced that Silver prices are bound to rise As a long-term investor, consider carefully all "Five of Silver's Best-Kept Secrets" to get a clear picture of the opportunity we see.
Gold and Silver in Short Supply
So far in 2009, investor demand for physical Gold and Silver Coins has been higher than at any time in the past year. The U.S. Mint cannot make Gold American Eagle coins fast enough and last week informed authorized mint distributors and their agents they had no Gold Eagles to send us! This put the physical Gold market into a frenzy and premiums on Gold Eagles shot up instantly.
Repeat of a Sellout and Silver Shortage 
Look for the same scenario to develop with Silver. At any moment, dealers may be cut off from all U.S. Mint supplies of Silver Eagles. This happened last fall. For over 60 days, no dealers, not even Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, could acquire Silver in ANY form at ANY price to offer to eagerly waiting investors. That's why we're urging our clients and friends to learn all they can about Silver and begin accumulating Silver Coins immediately, while they still can.
We fully expect another supply shortage is coming. We just don’t know if it will happen next week or later in the year. Clearly, this is the time to learn more about Silver and to put away Silver Coins while you still can. Last year when Silver was scarce, premiums on Silver Eagles soared to $7 per coin over spot. If you buy Silver early, you can avoid higher Silver prices and save on premiums too. Before you decide how much Silver to put away, please take 10 minutes to read our exclusive Silver Report as soon as you can.
Silver Prices Could Turn Parabolic
There's one more demand factor to consider with Silver. We hear rumors that both hedge funds and institutional investors are in the process of accumulating more Gold and Silver right now. This fresh new institutional demand for Silver could lead to an absolute price explosion in Silver.
In fact, we feel Silver prices could multiply by 3x, 5x, and maybe 10x today’s price for the reasons we detail point-by-point for you in our April Austin Report– “Silver’s Five Best-Kept Secrets.” Read the report as soon as you can. Then we urge you, we implore you to take a position in Silver Coins now– before the breakout hits and premiums rise again on Silver coins.
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